notes onsdag 13 september

hey wzup

First time writing since I arrived in Champlin, MN. So far so good. Blaze out themed Footballgame (Amber put me up on kiss cam lol), hanging out w the soccer team (Breah is their manager), sleepover, hilarious discussions with different people in my classes, State Fair, super-hipster-coffe-shop, boat rides and the best of all, car rides home with Breah and Amber when we're all way too tired.  

NOTES since i got here: 

The tea with the orange label is good, something with orange and vanilla.

The water is soft here so i need to wash my here super gently, otherwise the conditioner won´t go away and it'll look greasy. Learned that the though way. 

Haven´t found a very good makeup light yet and it´s still dark when i wake up - makeup not on fleek.

My psychology teacher talked for 67 min NONSTOP. I kinda zoomed out and then I heard "so that cousin would probably be the best when it comes to carrying dead bodies." (?)

I just looked straight into the sun, that was stupid. Don´t do that Ebba. 

Ehhh "Hi I´m Ebba", is that how u answer? Or "hey it´s ebba" or maybe "this is Ebba". Or just "hello?". "Hey you´re talking to Ebba" haha lol no, sounds way to formal. Or like Fröken Ur. Hey wzup Fröken Ur is on the phone.

"Say gosh not god, in that way you won´t offend as many"

I´ll be back, XX


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