2,5 weeks left til we leave and the timing c o u l d n' t be better. Every cell in my body is craving vitamin D and I can't wait to see green colorful nature again. I legit Can't wait. We're staying in a treehouse in Hilo, me and the whole amazing Rinehart family. Almost to good to be true that we're going to Hawaii together. SML. 


Without starting a full discussion about norms, equality and sexism - here's a thought:

Today in english me and a bunch of people started talking about body count. What's our reaction to a guy with a higher number compared to a girl? It's nothing new but wow, it's interesting. They said that a girl would be seen as a hoe and the guys definitely wouldn't. Tho apparently it also matters who he slept with. "I mean if the girls are trashy, rather not". So I asked what if one were in love with the other one, even if he/she would be considered trashy, wouldn't that kinda change the whole thing? And, yeah, it kinda would. And with what purpose did the guy / girl sleep with the other person. To higher the number? To get experience? Cause of love?

I also said that there's often two sides that comes up when a guys body count is mentioned *when talking to other girls. A High # might mean more experience and less respect. Or the opposite. And a lower # could mean less experience but more respect. Or the opposite of course. 

Writing about this makes my keyboard feel like a minefield. It's so easy to word something wrong, to offend. It's personal and sensitive - I think it should be. I also told the guys to never call a girl trashy. It sounds so wrong to me, just don't do it. Last of all;

you do you. 

Follow your guts & listen to the other person. Who the heck came even up with the word body count?

// E

one thing about yourself

I got the idea to ask everyone in my Power volleyball class to tell me one thing about themselves. Completely random but I did it and I realized I don't know a single thing about these people. Or I didn't (hehe)

A list with my favorite answers:

A girl, I only have one kindey

A guy, I was actually dropped by the nurse as a baby (LOL)

A girl, I'm not as hard as I come across

A guy, I'm a bad bitch

A girl, I don't like rice  (who doesn't like rice?)

A guy, I love NASA (cause so do I)

A girl, I was born in Texas 

And it's so so basic but I love it. Kinda funny how people respond as well. Some just went for it, said the most random things and some asked me like in what topic, what do you mean, I don't know. Some said some legit sincere facts and others weren't serious at all. I said i love the movie creed, I tend to overthink and I love sushi. BAM Drop the mic 



4 februari


Friday nights basketball game was the time of my life. I didn't know what to do with my body cause I was so into the game, funny cause I've never even watched the sport before. However, we won against Park Center and then went to Perkins for a second dinner at 10:22. It wassablaazzztttt

Yesterday I watched Gav's hockey game (8-1:)) and then stayed for varsity + senior night (4-1 or 2 or something). A lot of people came to watch so ended up talking to almost everyone, It wassablaazzzttt 2.0. After that I had dinner w some friends and then went home and watched Disney channel w Alyssa. Hihi

I just got home from church and todays plans are thrift shopping w Maddie and Natalie and then super bowl party at my place. Excited af to see the commercials lol 




Me Jadyn & Amber at this summers last black out game 


Good morning, -19 C/ -3F according to snap. Good choice wearing cut off jeans this morning

I almost started crying in my first hour, choir , Let my love be heard and Othul in my heart<33;)

Plans: practice after school and then basketball game at Park Center, Maddie's giving me a ride and I feel that we'll have a solid student section. Black out, definitely my favorite theme. I'll prob meet up w Alyssa, Ray and Kaelob after that and we'll just take it as it comes

XX Ebba

I would if I could


I'm a very non-material person but do end up having periods when I completely crave a wardrobe makeover. I saw this online and can't deny the fact that I'm considering opening my savings account just for a minute. So if anyone is looking for someone to sponsor, HERE I AM :)

dress - Réalisation Par / sneakers- Axel Arigato ( <3 ) / Glasses (wrong shade but the right design) 

earrings - Oscar De La Renta  (total overkill but the red-flowy type)

fem, five, 5

this post is 100% inspired by my girl Thea's blog. She went to Germany for a year. She's the one I call when I'm crying and I'm legit not sure if I would've made it this far without her. #appreciationpost <3

Jan 31:st and I've been here for 5 months. So 5:

Things that I'm gonna miss:

- Champlin Park High School

- My new amazing friends (<333333)

- The typical high school stuff; games, dances, wake up call, TP night 

- Rineharts and Breah 

- Waking up in the US every morning, the warm culture, CHIPOTLE, mpls, my gymnastics team, short school days, spontaneous Friday night plans (NO WAY I COULD KEEP IT DOWN TO 5, I'M GONNA BAWL MY EYES OUT WHEN I LEAVE)


Things I've learned (so far):

- It's always easier to be rude. It makes sense cause everybody would've been kind if it was easy

- That it takes A LOT to build up a new life from scratch, also that life can be  s h i t t y  sometimes.

- It takes little to be nice 

- I have no idea how I'm gonna raise my child when I become a mother



- It might be my turn to say I'm sorry

Things I find interesting/question:

- The low level of education. It pisses me of 

- 1 person, ONE PERSON, knew what #metoo was

- Economics class in school teaches us how to invest and think to make money grow

- Foods class have so far  n e v e r  mentioned the word environment

- The Teenager lifestyle here is different, 1 main factor that changes everything is that they have to pay for college 


Things I didn't appreciate enough in Sthlm:

- My mom Birgitta, dad Per, my two sisters Elin & Nora and my cat Boston

- Late nights in Stockholm, the basic teenage freedom

- My cheerleading gym and my coaches 

- The fact that I've seen the world, 19 countries, 40+ travels ( thank you cheer, school and mom+dad )

- The level of education at Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium, my school 

Things I'm looking forward to:

- Hawaii in 30 days!!!

- My friday night plans with some girls in Power volleball

- Prom (? a while left)

- Superbowl on sunday

- Every minute of the 5 moths I have left

// Ebba 


feel it still

So I don't know if the song is as popular in Sweden as it is here but feel it still is deffff a song that'll make me think of Champlin. One of the guys from The pentatonix (amazing acapella group from TX) released the song and it has been playing constantly on the radio since I got here.  

Just found these remixes, they're cold


// Ebba


some amazing inspiring women w some clean inspiring make up

Angelina Jolie, Margot Jobbie, Adwoa Aboah


Sup folks 

Spent last Fri w Hailey, Alyssa, Peter, Joey, Kaelob and Ty. Bought sushi and asked for extra ginger, dropped my extra ginger on the floor so had to go back and ask for extra extra ginger. Giggled like a 5 year old, no joke

Yesterday was Snowdaze (!!), a winter dance hosted by CPHS. Most upper classmen doesn't actually go to the dance so I decided not to. I spent the day buying an outfit with Ray & Kaelob and then I got ready with Gavin, Luke, Rachel and Mackenzie at our place. Bailee came over, gave advice about my hairstyle, then drove me to Maddie's house where we got on a bus at 9:30. The bus drove around downtown for 3hrs (!? felt like 30 minutes swear) and I was just so happy. Def gonna bring this concept back to Sweden<333 Thanks to the people who invited me and acted so friendly and mature, even tho we barely know each other, it's 101% appreciated. 

Lazy day today, church in the morning and then grocery shopping w Kristi. We talked about social responsibility and self perseverance and I realized we have a lot in common. We're having family dinner tonight (girlfriends included:) ) and later on we're heading down to MPLS to see the super bowl stuff by Nicollet mall. 

it was a good weekend but I need another one, like NOw

/ Ebba


Approach me (maybe?)

I wish I knew everyone. Not facts about them, not their plans for the day. Like actually knew them. How they would react, what they would answer, why they were mad how well I can trust them. I wish some could approach me more, cause people are smart. They're (we're) funny, loving. Sometimes even genuinely kind. 

I wish people would get beyond that one reason they know me. Ask more, not about sweden, about me. About importants things that they actually care about. I wish it would lead to one of those silent conversations where it takes time to answer. Cause you need to think, choose the right words and then listen. I really miss that type of conversations. The ones where you almost end up being all silent only cause you no longer know how to respond to what just have been said. 

Nah, not today.

The only bad thing about good weekends is the part where it's Mon again and u have to go back to school. I like CP but nah, not today. Overslept (which I've done 8 times the latest weeks) so I got ready in 5 min and did my make up in the car. ":)"

The super bowl stuff yesterday was so cool, Crew52 (where Kristi is volunteering) have done an amazing job. It was cold af tho but the gospel music from the stage brought both warmth and energy<3

Here's some shitty pictures of a pretty city:

// Ebba

mom and dad and mom and dad

I wasn't even sad but I couldn't stop crying. It was when I was talking about my Swedish parents with Alex that it suddenly just hit me. Regret, love, respect. I guess you (I) unconsciously try not to numb that part of yourself (myself), the part that will always belong to your (my) origin family. I really really love the Rineharts and it genuinely feels like home. My focus has been 100% on building new relationships, getting to know them and letting them know my when-I´m-running late or just-got-home-from-practice sides. The sides of me that only mom and dad have seen. So it just hit me, that I love them so much that it actually hurts sometimes and I hope they stay safe back in Sthlm





It´s been a minute and things have changed. I live with the Rineharts now, sporty, musical and easygoing. Amazing fam w 4 brothers (<33) and Jeff & Kristy who both call me honey (<33) and a golden retriever, Koda. (<3) 

Last friday me Ray, Manney and Alyssa went downtown MPLS to shoot for my Swedish friends highschool clothing brand - @bel_uf. I go to Minneapolis as often as I possibly can, love the city.

Kanye's My Beautiful Twisted Fantasy was playing in car, Ray and Manney knew every single word and I felt the base in my seat. I laughed a lot, I always laugh with them, and we started looking for places to take pictures. Strangers walked up to Manney, asked questions and started posing with me.

That would never happen in Sweden. 

The morning after I met up with Alyssa and Hailey and went to the black coffee and waffle bar. It was a real cool place and the girls are so genuin. A nice morning topped with extra strawberries, big like. Later on I went to Gavin´s (youngest bro) hockey game with Bailee and Maddie and in the evening we had a bunch of friends over. Played forntnite for the first time and made 6:th (WHOAHhh). No practice tonight cause of the snow so Gavin and his friends promised to teach me:)